Character information
Full name: Tipov
Affiliation: Gianni
Status: Deceased - Shot
Behind the scenes
Role: Henchman
Portrayed By: Gregg Weiner
Film: Transporter 2

Tipov is a minor antagonist in Transporter 2.

Events in Transporter 2 Edit

Tipov appears for the first time alongside Dimitri, Vasily and Dr. Sonovich when we see the virus for the first time.

Later, when Frank Martin injected the virus into Dimitri, he sought Sonovich and Tipov tried to prevent him from joining him. The death of Max by the transporter distracts Tipov and Dimitri takes advantage to join Sonovich in his laboratory. Dimitri asks the antidote of the virus to the doctor who refuses but is forced to yield when Dimitri threatens Tipov and himself with a revolver. He eventually killed Tipov.

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