The 2008 Audi A8 6.0 W12 was Frank Martin's third car in Transporter 3. It replaces the 2005 Audi in the previous film. The original driver of the Audi was former Transporter name Malcom Manville who became injured after an accident of which the Audi was not damaged. After Malcolm dies in an ambulance explosion. Frank is forced into becoming the new driver of the Audi and his package turns out to be a woman named Valentina. The daughter of the Environmental Agency Minister, Leonid Tomilenko. Who the villain Johnson is blackmailing. Johnson orders Frank to take Valentina to Budapest and if he doesn't follow his instructions the bracelet which he and Valentina are wearing will detonate. The Audi is later stolen by one of Johnson's men but Frank manages to retrieve the car after a chase. The car is later destroyed when Frank takes off the bracelet and straps it on Johnson before sending the car in reverse causing it to explode and kill Johnson.

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